About Us

Welcome to Data Anywhere! We’re glad that you made it to our about page! This is a blog about server and computer parts. We also discuss phone and electronic accessories at times. We are an expert when it comes on choosing server and computer accessories. By the way, my name is Karl Martin and I am the owner of this blog and company. My company sells computer and server parts as well as phone and electronic accessories. Because of that, we are sure that you can find our blogs and article very useful when choosing a part/accessory or building your computer or server from scratch.

Because of our passion for computers, servers and electronic parts and accessories, we started this blog. It’s also created for the purpose of marketing our company and let as many people as we can to discover our products and services. This will also serve as an educational website.

If you want to learn about computer and server building from scratch, then you are on the right place. We will teach you about how different parts works and how they work communicate with one another to achieve a certain performance. You will also find reviews to help you purchase the right accessory or PC part for your situation, needs or work.

If you’re just looking for references, PC build and more, you can also find a lot more information building a certain kind of PC. Just browse the site, find out what build you want and go.